The TURNkey FWCR (Forecasting – Early Warning – Consequence Prediction– Response) platform is a multi-sensor-based earthquake information system, facilitating Earthquake Forecasting (OEF) and enabling Early Warning and Rapid Response actions. The technology will be demonstrated in six earthquake-prone areas in Europe: Gioa Tauro (IT), Groningen (NT), Bucharest (RO), Pyrennees (FR), Patras (GR) as well as a mobile site. 


The TURNkey FWCR platform will aim to improve the response phase of a seismic event and also enhance the resilience of the communities in these areas.


Nutcracker is currently carrying out a two-stage qualitative study encompassing both citizens and first responders and civil protection authorities in three of the areas of interest. The research will determine what information is used and communicated by local authorities to citizens in the area and how the TURNkey platform can contribute to this. The findings will be used to put forward recommendations for the development of the platform. At a later stage of the project, we shall be testing a prototype of the solution with the categories of interest. 


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 821046.

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