Published Research



UK Chartered Insurers Institute (CII) – Consumer focus groups amongst individuals looking to make retirement pension decisions in the wake of the newly-introduced pensions freedoms leading to a public domain report: Chartered Insurance Institute (2014), “What consumers want: Research on pensions guidance services for the CII” 



UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – Depth interviews with consumers on decision-making and ongoing financial advice leading to a publicly-available report: Financial Conduct Authority (2014), “Retail Investment Advice: Assessment of Ongoing Services”



UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) - Depth interviews with consumers on financial decision making without the use professional financial advice  leading to a public-domain report:  Financial Conduct Authority (2014), “The motivations, needs and drivers of non-advised investors”     



Attitudes towards using a community policing app” in J. Mifsud Bonnici & J. Cannataci (Eds.) in Changing Communities, Changing Policing, 2018, NWV Verlag Wien



Atypical Choice: Perceptions of Paternity Leave Amongst Maltese Public Sector Male Employees and Department Heads” in A. Tereskinas and  J. Reingardiene (Eds.) in Men and Fatherhood: New forms of Masculinity in Europe, 2005, Eugrimas Vilnius                                  















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